Ambry Genetics' offers a convenient and easy to use online reporting system known as AmbryPort®. The system allows our clients to retrieve reports through a secure online portal with immediate notification through email that a patient result report is ready to be viewed. 

AmbryPort 2.0 is now available for use. Ambry will continue to support AmbryPort through early 2014. Please transition to AmbryPort 2.0 as soon as possible to take advantage of all the user interface benefits.

We will contact you via email to notify you one month before AmbryPort is disabled and transitioned completely to AmbryPort 2.0.

AmbryPort supplements our faxing of results.

If you are interested in signing up to be an AmbryPort client, you must complete the following printable AmbryPort access authorization form. Complete the form, save to your computer and email back to For over the phone assistance, please call (866) 262-7943.

Simply click the following link to access a printable copy of the AmbryPort User Guide. It contains computer and web client recommendations and requirements, troubleshooting assistance and special options for AmbryPort use.

Access AmbryPort.