CPT Codes 2014

Effective Janaury 1, CMS announced that the Medicare Program adopted the 2013 AMA Molecular Pathology (MoPath) CPT codes. In response, we have updated our billing codes to comply with this CMS guideline. 

Effective January 1, 2013, Ambry bills the following codes based on procedures ordered, performed and reported. Billing codes are subject to change as more information becomes available. Please note this is not meant to be construed as billing guidance for Ambry’s end users.

2014 CPT Codes and Client Price List (Last updated 9.2.2014)

Due to the dynamic environment we are experiencing with 2013 CPT codes (MoPath Codes), we are making our price list and MoPath codes readily available to you. We will update frequently. Please, check back routinely for the most current client price list.

2014 Price List Sort by Test Code

2014 Price List Sort by Test Name