Hereditary Cancer Panels

To better serve the growing needs of clinicians and patients, Ambry Genetics now offers diagnostic testing for breast, colon and other hereditary cancer syndromes using next-gen sequencing technology. 

Since multiple genes are implicated in each type of cancer, testing by traditional Sanger sequencing can be cumbersome and expensive.

This is where next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been most influential. NGS allows for rapid analysis of multiple genes at a considerably lower cost compared to traditional sequencing techniques.1,2

This innovation has led Ambry to introduce new genetic testing panels for hereditary breast, ovarian, colon, renal, pancreatic and other cancers. Each panel focuses on a targeted group of genes and can bring clarity and understanding to what was previously unknown.

Overview of Ambry's Technology

Hereditary Cancer Panels White Paper

Ambry's Next-Gen Hereditary Cancer Panels:


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