Licenses & Certifications

Ambry Genetics is both CAP-accredited and CLIA-approved. Ambry is able to conduct genetic testing on samples received from any state in the US. In addition, Ambry has special licensure from the states listed below. 

Licensing & Regulatory Number Expiration Date
CAP Accredited 7154701 October 26, 2014
CLIA Approved 05D0981414 May 29, 2014
CLIA Approved 05D0981414 May 29, 2014
State of California CLF 11694 March 17, 2015
State of Florida 800016789 January 28, 2014 *
State of Maryland 1052 June 30, 2015
State of New York PFI: 8160 June 30, 2014
State of Rhode Island LCO00439 December 30, 2015
Pennsylvania-see policy change notice 5/18/12    
Notice of Privacy Practices    


* License renewal paperwork was submitted and Licensure Status is "In Review". Services can be provided while the renewal application is "In Review".