Specimen Submission Kits

For any kit related questions or to order kits, please call 949-900-5798 or email KitRequest@ambrygen.com

  • Please do not use any contents beyond their printed expiration date.
  • All blood related submission kits have 2 tubes per kit (as of 8/1/2014). Multi-gene panels (Ex: “Next” tests) require 2 blood tubes or 2 saliva containers. Exome orders require 2 tubes of blood from the proband and 2 tubes of blood for family members samples being submitted. All other tests require either 1 blood tube or 1 saliva container. Refer to sample submission instructions form for more details.
  • If you do not find a kit quantity that you are requesting, please make a note in the Special Request section below stating how many kits you would like, whether blood or saliva, how many tubes per kit and what style submission kit you would like (i.e. 1 kit, blood 2 tubes, General Submission Kit).
  • Ambry does not pay for international shipping. View international shipping for instructions.
  • Submission of saliva samples can possibly extended the turn-around-time of the results by an average of 2 days.
  • Submission kits are shipped via FedEx Ground and will take approximately 3-5 days to arrive. If you require kits sooner than that, please indicate this in the “Special Requests” field below.

Find the submission kit type(s) you would like to receive and specify a quantity for blood and/or saliva. If you would like an auto-replenishment of kits, please give us the minimum, maximum and the current inventory your organization has in stock. Our team will auto-replenish your kits when the minimum threshold is met. If you have any discrepancies with kit volumes or types, please contact our kit request team at 949-900-5798. Thank you!


Ambry General Submission Kit
Breast Cancer Submission Kit
Cancer Submission Kit
ExomeNext Submission Kit Package

*The trio package includes 1 kit for the proband and 2 kits for the family members (Trio). Please see the Special Requests section below to add specific instructions.

Neurology Submission Kit
Pulmonary Submission Kit
Auto-Replenish Blood
Auto-Replenish Saliva (1 container)
Auto-Replenish Saliva (2 containers)
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