Specimen Submission Kits - Domestic Samples

To order kits or for any kit-related questions, please call 949-900-5798 or email KitRequest@ambrygen.com

If you are a healthcare provider or organization, an individual who will have tests conducted by Ambry, or a parent of a minor child or the legal guardian of an individual who will have a test conducted by Ambry, you may request a specimen submission kit.

Specimen Kit Types: Kits are either: Blood, Saliva or Pediatric Saliva. NOTE: Pediatric Saliva kits may be used for adults, if needed.

Kit Name Contents Test Requirements Test Exceptions TAT Notes
Blood 2 EDTA (lavender top) blood collection tubes Most tests require 1 blood tube NGS panels and clinical exome sequencing (ExomeNext) require 2 tubes of blood
Saliva 1 Oragene saliva collection tube Most tests require 1 saliva tube 2 saliva collection tubes are still required for all pediatric testing and adults having ExomeNext for family member analysis* Submission of saliva samples can possibly extend the turnaround time of the results by an average of 2 business days
Pediatric Saliva 2 Oragene saliva collection tubes Pediatric tests require 2 saliva tubes Saliva sample exceptions are below* Submission of saliva samples can possibly extend the turnaround time of the results by an average of 2 business days

*Saliva samples (collected by any method) are still not accepted for: proband ExomeNext/ExomeNext-Rapid, CSTB dodecamer expansion analysis, PMEFirst, PMENext

Please refer to the specimen requirements form for more details and minimum required volumes.

Complimentary Kits: Ambry does not charge for receiving or sending submission kits domestically. A prepaid FedEx Billable Stamp and packaging is included in all kits for return shipping.

Online Ordering: Please select the kit type(s) (Blood, Saliva or Pediatric Saliva) and specify the quantity and the Test Requisition Form (TRF) you’d like to receive. Please complete all required fields including name, shipping address, email and phone number. Once completed, you will see a message on the screen confirming your submission was received.

Sample Submission Kit Type
Test Requisition Forms

All Ambry TRFs are available for direct download on the Forms page.


Whole Blood: Stable for 7 days, refrigerated. Stability may be affected if stored at room temp for more than 3 days. Please contact Ambry if your sample is more than 7 days old.

Saliva: Stable for up to 1 year in sterile bag, room temperature at 15-30°C.

For all other stability questions, please click here: specimen requirements form

Shipping: In general, requests for kits that we receive before 2:30 PM PST will be shipped the same or next business day. Submission kits are shipped via FedEx Ground and will take approximately 3-5 business days to arrive. If you require kits sooner than that, please indicate this in the “Special Requests” field below, but there is no assurance that you will receive the kits in a guaranteed timeframe.

Expired: Please do not use any contents of the kits beyond their printed expiration date. Please refer to label on outside of kit box for details.

Auto replenishment (OPTIONAL): For organizations requesting kits, if you would like to be set for auto-replenishment of kits, please enter the minimum amount, maximum amount and the current inventory your organization has in stock. Our team will aim to auto-replenish your kits when the minimum threshold is met.

Auto-Replenish Blood
Auto-Replenish Saliva (1 container)
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