Tests by Specialty- Autism

Ambry Genetics has cataloged all of our tests and organized them below by specialty. The comprehensive listing of tests by specialty is organized in alphabetical order.

Disease Test Genes
Infantile Spasms, CDKL5-Related , Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder, X-Linked Intellectual Disabilities, Rett Syndrome, MECP2-negative , Angelman Syndrome - like CDKL5 (CDKL5-Related Infantile Spasms and Atypical Rett Syndrome) CDKL5
Autism Spectrum Disorders, X-linked Intellectual Disability , Developmental Delay, Multiple Congenital Anomalies , Dysmorphic Features Fragile X, 180K Oligo Array & SNP+CGH Array
Chromosomal Microarray, Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Multiple Congenital Anomalies, Dysmorphism, Mental Retardation Microarrays: SNP+CGH Array and 180K Oligo Array
PTEN-Related Disorders (including Autism Spectrum Disorder), Cowden Syndrome, PTEN Hamartoma Tumor syndrome (PHTS), Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome, Proteus syndrome, Autism / Autism spectrum disorder PTEN-Related Disorders (including Autism Spectrum Disorder) PTEN